I woke up this morning a little sluggish but I knew I had to get my shit together and so I began working out. I began strength training this week as I have learn over time that I need to combine it with cardio in order to loose more weight so I use body weight and barbells. Man it’s not easy at all, didn’t really have much motivation today but in the absence of no motivation, that’s when disciples comes in. So I hit those reps and did lunges and jumping jacks and other arm and leg exercises, fire hydrants and the rest loosing over 600 calories. There are days when you won’t be motivated but in the absence of motivation there should be discipline. If you have to exercise every morning or every other morning you know that’s what you’ve got to do even on days you feel lazy because you know your end goal and you’re not stopping till you get there. If you are not mentally prepared to loose the weight you will not loose the weight. There are no quick fix in weightloss or fad diets. It’s not an overnight thing.. it’s a process. I thought in three months I’d be done, I’ve learnt not to compare the duration of my progress with others on their weightloss journey. Weightloss is both mental and physical..mind and body.

Beginning The Journey…

Back in the last days of December late last year 2019 I decided that my New year’s resolution was going to be tagged #nofat2020.. (flashback to before the day I decided I was going to have and stick to my resolution). Hi, my name is Doreen, a 20 year old blogger,Instagrammer,Student and a girl with a lot of goals. This is not my first time blogging neither is it my first blog….okay enough about who I am. I have always been chubby or overweight as you’d put it and I’ve gone on so many yo-yo crash diets. I never really thought that weightloss was more of a mental commitment rather than a physical one (although it is both combined). So when that clock hit 12AM January 1st 2020, I became Pescetarian( A Pescetarian is a vegetarian that consumes only fish or other seafood). I have been vegetarian since I was 14 but I’ve never really lost weight due to dairy and other processed junk food so I was determined this time to get it right. 2 months into my journey I started Intermittent fasting(but that will be a post for another day) at first the weight started to really come off but later slowed down which I found discouraging because I was doing everything right. I later found out that that’s how it is sometimes… I’m currently in my 3rd month of my journey and I’ve lost almost 15pounds, my journey at first was meant to be a 12 month one but as time went on I decided to make it a life style. Can’t wait to finally knock off the remaining 45lbs. See you in my next post.

Almost 15lbs apart(Dec -mid April)